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       We have all had that special dog that made our lives so special. 
                                 Here are a few of mine.
 In Memory of.....

Ch. Lux's Sir Charles Barkley
Ch. Lux's Scarlett O'Hara of I-Mar (Kate)
Ch. Lux's Tom Selleck of I-Mar
Lux's Catherine Zeta-Jones

  Ch. Lux's Sir Charles Barkley
 Barkley was my heart.  When he died, so did a part of my heart. I morn your passing every day
but remember how much I loved you and how happy you made me. Miss you, BB

Kate on right pictured with Ch.Oui's  Hi Stepn Coca Cola Cowboy, father and mother of Barkley.  Kate was the foundation of my line, she was not only beautiful but a Champion in every way.  Known in the show ring, as " The Pretty Bitch."  People would stop stare at her and say, "My, what a pretty dog!"
Ch. Lux's Tom Selleck of I-Mar
Tom had more expressions than a Hollywood actor.  His passion was swimming and he had his own raft that he maneuvered all around the pool.  Miss you, Tom.
Catherine Zeta Jones
November 28,2004 - March 5, 2005

You will not be forgotten Little Angel.
 I will hold you in my heart forever.
There are not enough tears to tell you how sorry am,
 you left us so soon and so sadly.
You were special.
 I love you.

Pictured with Ch. Lux's Hermione Granger & Ch. Staley Lux's Harry Potter
Catherine's Mother & Father

Lux's Angel Child

March 6, 1993- December 19, 2007
I always called Angel the pillow dog since she could always find a pillow to sit on. She was a great and kind girl even taking care of her mother Kate's 4 girls born on the 4th of July along with her 3 girls born 7 days earlier.  She never put her own pups before her baby sisters.  I always use to say the line in the movie "Chinatown" to her sister "She's my sister, she's my mother, she's my sister."  We miss you Angel but know that you have found the biggest pillow and also have a big dog bowl filled with your favorite treats. You deserve it, My Darling.


Lux's Katie Scarlett O'Hara

July 4, 1995-November 5, 2007
Katie Scarlett was the smallest but had a heart as big as her whole body.  She commanded respect
even from the biggest dog and no one could push her around. Dolly, her sister was her best friend and
they were the All American Girls Born on the 4th of July.  Sadly still their other sister Abby named after Abagail Adams and known as
 Ch. Lochlan's Abagail De Lux died on December 29, 2007. You girls were
and still are the BEST.


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