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                            Dog Jewelry

    The Jewelry Pieces below are decorated with Genuine
                                Austrian Crystals


Boston Terrier Pin

        Fawn Pug Pin
      Black Pug Pin
      I am please to offer
 these beautiful
 pieces of Jewelry.   
 For more information
 please contact me.
       I Love Bostons
          Only $35.00
     Gold Colored
      Boston Pin

                      Boston Earrings and Necklaces

         Great Detailed
    Pierced Earrings
       3 Dog Pierced
     Black & White
          Boston Terrier
           Gold Filled
    Boston Necklace
   Gold Filled $12.00
     with 18" Chain
      Small Boston
    Boston Necklace
    Gold Filled $18.00
     with 24" chain
     Medium Boston
     Large Boston with
       Black Silk Cord
       (1 available)


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