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       Easter Bunny, My Black and White...!

Can you believe what "The American Gentleman" has to put up with?  A proud and noble breed, The King of the Americas, The Miss in America, The Knight of the Roundheads, The Einstein of the Dog World has to pose as the Easter Bunny.  What has happened to this world?  When a dignified and aristocratic breed is subjected to having to wake up from his or her nap, getting off his or her velvet pillow, putting their pretty little feet on the floor and walk out side to sit on a "wooden" bench and put stupid bunny sun glasses on perfectly beautiful faces and have their pictures taken. Where is the Humane Society when you need them?  Having lunch, checking out if Taco Bell is feeding that ratty Chihuahua US Grade A beef, making sure that Eddie of "Frazier" is getting money set aside for his 401K.  Where are they for the "American Gentleman" when they are sweating under the heat of the Arizona Sun in March?  Well, enough said it is time to get back to our velvet pillow and catch up on our beauty sleep.  But before we do, we want to wish you a very Happy Easter and may the Easter Boston Bunny be good to you.     

Lux Bostons

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